New Universe Story Accordion Books


These accordion books are painted in celebration of our new origin story. They invite us to a fresh depth of seeing and to an awakened, living relationship with the earth and all its beings, human and other than human. As a student of biology, I studied evolution, invertebrate zoology, botany and geology, fascinated by the ages of the earth and the diversity and beauty of its many inhabitants, past and present. However it wasn’t until I learned about our common origins as told by the new story of the evolutionary universe, a story which includes the mystery of the nature of matter and its unfathomed interior depth that I awoke to a new understanding of my identity within an ancient, miraculous continuing story that is still being written. May we celebrate our new origin story as we are given a remarkable identity and may we embrace its invitation and its guidance to live in congruence with the wisdom and intelligence of our ancient home.


All Accordion Books, copies of the originals, are $65 each

The accordion books on this page and the next can stand on a table or shelf.

The vertically hanging accordions are displayed on pages 3 – 9.

Ongoing Creativity #1
The Ongoing Creatvity of the Cosmos (#1), 6 x 33"

The Unfurling of Surprise #1

The Unfurling of Surprise (#1), 6 x 33"

Our Ancestry Stretches Back in the Stars

Our Ancestry Stretches Back in the Stars, 6 x 34"

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