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PDF Icon Quakers and the New Story: Essays on Science and Spirituality (approx. 600k) by Philip Clayton, Mary Coelho and the New Story Study Group at Friends Meeting at Cambridge.
This essay and many others are available at the Quaker Earthcare Witness website, Quaker Earthcare Witness is a spiritually-centered movement of Quakers and like-minded people seeking ways to integrate concern for the environment with The Religious Society of Friends long-standing testimonies for simplicity, integrity, peace, and equality.
A radio interview with Mary about her book may be found at search under "Mary Conrow Coelho" or under "Awakening Universe, Emerging Personhood."
Also see Mary Coelho's article, available on The Great Story website, Of Leadings and the inner Light: Quakerism and the New Cosmology.
A website that describes the work of author and storyteller Jennifer Morgan
A website with a great many ideas and information prepared by Connie Barlow
Angela Manno's website include landscapes and contemporary icons
Sam Mackintosh's blog has many valuable reflections written within the context of the new story
The website of the Thomas Berry Foundation includes references to Thomas Berry's books and essays
The website of the American Teilhard Association gives the dates of its annual meeting and its publications
The website for information about the film, the Journey of the Universe, and about the book by the same title and the educational series can be found at

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